Learning to Fly

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Is awesome. I listened to a fascinating presentation by the director of JPL and then the Senior Director of Mission and Launch Ops at SpaceX (and then got his e-mail), then listened to astronaut and 10-EVA veteran Michael López Alegría and met him afterwards. Not to mention a bunch of other presentations by industry leaders on commercial space transportation, economic space propellant storage and manufacturing, lunar resource utilization (moon bases)…I FUCKING LOVE MY MAJOR! Ran into an SJSU grad and a lunar researcher from Ames as well. Going to hear a few more presentations tomorrow including one from the VP of Special Projects at Virgin Galactic and then going on a tour of JPL.

And then driving into downtown LA and seeing Chevelle.

And then going to the bar.

And the next day going to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

And then working my ass off all weekend since I skipped class all week so I could actually learn something.

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