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48 Shades of Lightning 
Taken from last night’s thunderstorm.
(color hues are unretouched)

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Happy 45th anniversary of the moon landing, earthlings! The National Air & Space Museum is live-tweeting it (or whatever you call it when it’s something that already happened but they’re tweeting in real-time)! I can’t believe I don’t know where my astronaut ice cream is! Are you a little giddy about it? I AM!

I went in to work today. It seemed necessary in light of the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. I printed out a copy of the simple piece of paper my granddad had Neil sign for me a taped it up next to my desk. One of many bits and pieces that propelled me to this point. Before starting, I was interviewed in the Neil Alden Armstrong conference room.

I stood alone in the factory next to the Dragons. These are the next step for us. In the waning half of the last decade, the retirement of the shuttle loomed with no clear replacement in sight. Now there are potentially several. Even with the shuttle, since Apollo concluded in the 1970s there was no exploratory project in place — we have, since Apollo 17, traveled no further than the superseding embrace of Earth’s gravity. But I promise you the era of stagnation will soon end.

I do not want notoriety out of my career. No matter what the industry accomplishes or what role I play, there is only one thing I pursue. When man next sets down on the moon or Mars or some celestial body other than Earth, I want millions of little girls and boys, if not just one, to watch a television screen with wide eyes and know in that moment that they want to be a scientist or an engineer. The existence of humanity, whose population has ballooned by 40% in the 24 years I’ve been breathing, relies ENTIRELY on a great number of young minds turning to science for inspiration instead of pop culture.

Grave geopolitical issues aside, we need something every now and then to remind us what we collectively can do, and how insignificant our multi trillion dollar wars are. I am honored to participate in the effort to take one more step.


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